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About the instrument

A relative of the oboe, the heckelphone is a double reed instrument invented in the early 1900s by German instrument maker Wilhelm Heckel. It was intended to fill the gap between the cor anglais (English horn) and the bassoon.   [more]


All the heckelphones ever made

For a while now, I've been working on a list of all the heckelphones ever made ... there are few enough that there is just a glimmer of hope to document them all.   [more]


Music for heckelphone

From Richard Strauss and Paul Hindemith to Graham Waterhouse and Paul Winter, many composers have written, and continue to write, for the heckelphone. Sadly, few recordings are currently available.   [more]



It takes a special kind of person to play the heckelphone ... here is a list of heckelphonists, past and present. Evidently, it's incomplete, work in progress, a living document.   [more]


Everything else

Everything else related to the heckelphone - an eclectic collection of links and pointers.   [more]

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