Heckelphone / Bass Oboe Repertoire

by Peter Hurd; reorganized and amended by Holger Hoos, editor-in-chief since 2020

version 1.1 (1 February 2021)

New entries in version 1.1

This collection is based on the catalogue of musical works requiring heckelphone or bass oboe instrumentation assembled by Peter Hurd beginning in 1998. For this new edition, the original version of the repertoire list has been edited for accuracy, completeness and consistency, and it has been extended with a number of newly discovered pieces.

Some entries could not (yet) be rigorously verified for accuracy; these were included nonetheless, to provide leads for future investigation, but are marked clearly. Pieces were selected for inclusion based solely on the use of heckelphone, bass oboe or lupophone, without any attempt at assessing their artistic merit. Arrangements of pieces not originally intended for these instruments were included when there was clear evidence that they had found a significant audience.

The authors gratefully acknowledge contributions by Michael Finkelman, Alain Girard, Thomas Hiniker, Robert Howe, Georg Otto Klapproth, Mark Perchanok, Andrew Shreeves and Michael Sluman.