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Heckelphone #3476

According to Edith Reiter's 2014 book, this instrument was completed on 5 February 1914 and originally sold to a buyer in Germany; it is a model 36b ("German system").

As of 2020, this heckelphone is owned and played by a professional bassoonist based in Germany. The current owner acquired it from a collector, who had purchased it in the 1980s from noted German heckelphone expert, Dr. Gunter Joppig. Dr. Joppig acquired heckelphone #3476 in 1964 from Musikhaus A.E. Fischer in Bremen, Germany. At that time, it was missing a bell extension, for which Dr. Joppig had a replacement made by Wilhelm Heckel GmbH (at a time when no heckelphones had been built for close to 7 years). In May 1965, Dr. Joppig played a version of Hans Mielenz's Concerto für Heckelphon und Orchester (opus 60), in a version for heckelphone and piano, on heckelphone #3476, accompanied by the composer. (The premiere of this piece took place many years later in Darmstadt, Germany, with Georg Klapproth playing the solo heckelphone part.)

The earlier history of this heckelphone remains unclear.

As of 2020, this instrument is in regular use and in excellent condition.

Many thanks to the current owner and to Dr. Gunter Joppig, for providing some of the information shown on this page. To provide further details on the history of this instrument, please contact me at heckelphone@gmx.net.