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Heckelphone #3628

According to Edith Reiter's 2014 book, this instrument was completed on 9 September 1919 and originally sold to a buyer in the USA.

Howe & Hurd (2004) describe heckelphone #3628 as a model 36b and note that it has been rebuilt in 2003 by Keith Bowen of Port Townsend (WA), USA.

As of 2004, this heckelphone is owned and played by bassonist Richard Meek of Lubbock (TX), USA. Previous owners reportedly include A. Mendelssohn of New York (NY), Ponte's Music in New York, the Alfredo Collection in Bridgeport (CT), Douglas Koeppe (TX) and noted bassoonist, Arthur Grossman of Seattle (WA).

Heckelphone #3628 has been used for several CD recordings in 2002 and 2003.

To provide further details on the history of this instrument, please contact me at heckelphone@gmx.net.