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Heckelphone #3916

According to Edith Reiter's 2014 book, this instrument was completed on 30 May 1925 and originally sold to a buyer in an unknown location.

Howe & Hurd (2004) describe heckelphone #3916 as a model 36b, tuned at A=440; it is reported by its present owner to have been converted to a semi-automatic octave mechanism and to have undergone some acoustical improvements.

As of 2020, this heckelphone owned by a professional musician in Minnesota, USA; it is reported to have been used in the Detroit Symphony. Its history remains largely unclear.

Many thanks to Peter Hurd and the owner of this heckelphone for providing some of the information shown on this page. To provide further details on the history of this instrument, please contact me at heckelphone@gmx.net.